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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tackling the Hairspray and Spritz Phobia

Very early in my hair styling career, I had countless of new clients who would firmly tell me that they did NOT want any spritz in their hair.  So I quickly generated my own "holding spray" phobia.  For almost a decade, I would just roller set for curls or straighten hair without curls until this year.

With all of the heat, high humidity, sweat, and unexpected rainfall, most hairstyles need some sort of help to hold.

I know that people are trying to avoid stiff looking hair.  Also, if the hair is too fixed, it looks too urban or too ethnic for most higher ranking corporate executives.

So I hear you loud and clear!  You don't need the lacquer sprays which get sticky when wet, but you must also listen to me, it is a new age.  The aerosol and liquid finishing spritz now have a LOT of flexible hold.  They can be combed through.

 I use the aerosol holding sprays for thermal straightening to lock out the humidity.  I use the liquid finishing spritz for thermal curling.

 I marcel curled the mannequin's hair above using the Design Essentials Formation Finishing Spritz.  Can you see the hold?
Then I just finger combed the hair and the temporary hold from the spritz releases and allows for humidity resistant curls.  The final styling is still corporate professional and soft.

Here's another before and after set of pictures:
 Hair curled with finishing spritz before comb out.

Comb out using finishing spritz! Style with memory and hold.

If you have really fine hair, just wet set or roller set for curls.  

Finding the right holding spray may be trial and error.


  1. Good info, is there a holding spray that you would recommend for Sisterlocks?

    1. Yes, John Frieda FrizzEase Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray works great for me. Sisterlocks makes a hairspray as well, but if you have larger size Sisterlocks like mine, you may want the John Frieda for some extra backup. I did a blog article on it at my one year 7 months check-in.