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Monday, September 15, 2014

Stylists Should Switch Presentation versus Product lines

Many hairstylists switch salon product lines because they want an exclusive line of products where customers can not go to the drugstore, grocery store, discount store, or a small supply store to buy. They want their customers to buy hair retail products from the salon only.

Well, between Sally's Beauty Supply, Target, and other Superstores like Beauty Brands and Ulta, salons will forever switch from one product line to the next because the larger chains can buy in bulk.  Money always talks!

The Colorproof  product line seems to be the latest exclusive line to get your hands on, and now, even that product line is much easier to find.

So stylists instead of chasing after new product lines, how about just switching up your presentation?

The Dollar Tree stores have 10 treat bags in a pack for $1.00 USD.  Yes, for one US dollar, you can get treat bags that can hold one or two small products.  Judging by the picture, even the taller bottles can fit.   The bags are inexpensive and not recyclable but they serve their purpose.

You can also pick up a bundle of gift tissue paper at the Dollar Tree store for one dollar as well.

Believe it or not, people love Sephora and Victoria Secret for the bag and tissue paper.  I was very disappointed when Sephora ran out of tissue paper for my bag last week for my birthday gift.  My joy just was not the same without the full tissue bag look.  LOL! Oh the simple things.  LOL!

Anyway, I have started wrapping all retail purchases in tissue paper and putting them in a bag.  My customers like the extra attention.  The discount stores, grocery stores, drugstores, etc are not adding in the tissue paper at the time of purchase.  Many people like presentation, and if given the choice, then these same people will buy from your salon because of the "extra presentation" versus just getting the same expensive product thrown in a regular recyclable plastic bag.

 I purchased this fancy gift tissue paper from Tuesday Morning stores.  I am loving my new increase in retail sales just by changing my presentation of my customers' purchases, and it cost less than 40 cents to make the change.  Just food for thought!

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