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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jumbo, Mega Jumbo and Expression Braids

I was in the Family Dollar store when I asked the cashier "Do you sell Jumbo Braiding hair?"  Their answer was as I had expected.  "No" . . . but she continued speaking . . . "I think the Dollar General store sells some."  So at the Dollar General store for the purchase price of $.99 USD (ninety nine cents plus tax), I was able to purchase a small pack of 26" Jumbo Braiding hair.  Synthetic Fiber.  The most popular color #2.

Apparently, crochet braids, box braids, and senegalese twists are very popular braiding requests. So the beauty supply stores have a high demand for jumbo braiding hair.  Considering the packs are only half as full as they used to be for the same price, people are buying twice the amount of packages.  So buying 14  (fourteen) packs of  jumbo braids is not as insane as my initial opinion on the matter.

Be careful about the fiber that the Jumbo braid is made of.  I was told 100% Kanekalon was the best way to go especially for Senegalese twists, tree braids, and crochet braids.  However, other braiding styles work fine with "Realistic Fiber," Toyokalon, and Synthetic Fibers.

Bijoux brand sells a Mega Jumbo braid at 64 inches versus their Xpression Braid at 84 inches. I strongly suggest making sure that you confirm with the braider which braid length and which fiber content to buy to complete your desired braided hairstyling.

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  1. The 64 inch Mega Jumbo braid by bijoux says realistic fiber, but it looks wiggy to me. When the light hits it certain ways, it looks gray on color #2.