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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Does Hair Really Grow Evenly?

 As I was looking at some of the bushes that needed re-shaping, I realized that I could still see the bush's original shape, but some limbs were overachievers sticking out.

Different bush above, but it too seems to grow unevenly.  Don't you wonder if the same thing happens with our hair?

Many people are always trimming to keep a shape whether talking about hair or bushes. Many wonder if they are ever going to grow out evenly.

Curls hide a multitude of errors so having perfectly shaped hair is not necessary for those embracing wet sets and protective styling.

We should NOT expect our hair to grow evenly.  We should expect to get it shaped every six months to keep it on track if longer length is a goal.

Just a little food for thought from "Mother Nature."

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