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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black Barbie with a Teeny Weeny Afro

All I could say was What? Who? and Why?

What the hell?

I was in the Goodwill store when I spotted this "Black Label" Barbie doll Model 04 with a short curly afro or TWA.

Who would make a baby doll without any hair to play with?

Don't little girls like playing with the Barbie dolls' hair?

Why was she in Goodwill all by herself with a $19.99 price tag?

 I would have purchased her, but many Black women have a teeny weeny afro because it is easier to deal with, but if given a choice, the TWA is not a preferred option.

Any thoughts? Would you have purchased her?

10/5/2014 Update:  A picture of the collection that she came with is below.


  1. I would have loved to receive her. Glad to know she exists actually.

    1. Okay, tell me more Cheleski. Do you collect Black Barbies? Outside of changing her outfit, she will always have the same hairstyle. What do you like about her?

    2. LOL! I will also add unlike a real human being, that TWA will not be growing out. You must have a doll collection that it will complement.

  2. Alright. After two people suggested that would love this doll for their collection, I purchased her new in the package. I am reselling her to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $25.

  3. Well, no one has rushed to buy her so I attempted to take her back to Goodwill for a refund. To my surprise, all sales are final on toys at Goodwill. So I have a task to find a doll collector on my own. So this doll was not designed with a child in mind. I also will be more careful of purchasing from Goodwill stores in the future.