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Thursday, August 21, 2014

When is it Time to Cut Two Inches Off?

 This roller set client has been with me for almost three years.  We do NOT trim on a regular a basis because we rarely use hot irons.

But at a closer look, she had about two or three inches of hair that was inhibiting maximum styling ease.  A haircut can deliver more fullness and volume and body.

My client gets relaxer touch-ups around every eight weeks.  We use the VitalePro High Comfort Relaxer.  We do NOT trim at every relaxer, and it still grows.  As long as wet sets such as lacer sets, bantu knot sets, and roller sets are used in lieu of thermal/hot irons, haircuts are not needed as often.

If you like fresh, sassy styling then regular trims are necessary. I hope this article helps those worried about the frequency of trims and haircuts.

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