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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Product Review: Straight Request Power K77 Cleansing Conditioner

Straight Request Power K77 Cleansing Conditioner initially reminded me of the Wen's product that you see in the infomercials.  Not necessarily by smell nor product consistency, but by it's description sounding more like a "co-wash."  I consider co-washing to mean skipping over the shampoo process and washing hair with a conditioner.

Of course, all hair types can get a build up and eventually needs a deep cleansing shampoo at least once every 7 co-washes. Notice that I did not mention a timeframe because some people co-wash everyday and some people co-wash a couple of times a week.
 I initially was not fond of the Power K77 Cleansing Conditioner because it did not clean the hair as much as I would like it to, and I have higher quality shampoos that condition without the weight. However, I felt that there had to be a good use for this cleansing conditioner, then Viola- I discovered the best use for it as for as my beauty practice goes.

In the picture above, you see various semi-permanent haircolors.  You do not mix anything with these colors. They are direct dyes or stains that you apply straight from the bottle.  Typically, you rinse these semi-permanent haircolors out after 30 minutes under heat and either condition or use leave-in conditioners. Shampooing usually starts stripping the direct dye back out, but often times, without a shampoo, the excess dye changes the color of the rinse water and is a bit messy.

So the Power K77 Cleansing  Conditioner cleanses the excess direct dye out of the hair and conditions at the same time. A perfect compromise.

Another added benefit of the Straight Request Power k77 cleansing conditioner is for glued weft/tracks removal.  As described in the directions pictured above,  work the Power k77 through the tracks and wait a few minutes for the tracks to loosen up to be removed.  The liquid consistency of the Power K77 should make application to glued hair extensions easier than a regular creamy conditioner.

Just as with all products for bonding glue removal, some hair types, removal is easier than others.

Overall, the Power K77 Cleansing Conditioner is a keeper for use with Semi-permanent haircolors!

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