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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Disturbing Dialogue Directed toward Women

This "mockery" of black hair was supposed to be humorous when it was posted on Facebook during the time of Maya Angelou's death.  I was very annoyed because clearly these tears and facial expression came from a deeper place than missing a hair appointment.

So I posted my opinion that this picture was insensitive to Black women.  Here was one stranger's followup post:

The post was a slight at humor and you turned it into a lie beyond your control . Dr. Maya Angelou never   put horsehair in her hair as long as I could remember she wore her hair in a neat natural so for you to speak   for someone you don't even know you do need to grow up it was just meant to be funny not what you tried   to turn it into.    

My response: The post was not humorous. As a hair professional, my word goes farther than yours.   Phenomenal Women have un-neat hair. So you need to get a clue.    

His response: OK I won't be nasty I see that you are friends with some people that I love very much but   you really did overreact.  

My response: lol - you are now policing me.  Lol - now that is humorous     

His response: No it's not funny not at all. But I will treat you with respect because of our mutual friends  

*End of dialogue*

The reality:  This Black man was willing to be nasty and disrespectful to me if we did not happen to have some mutual Facebook friends?

Domestic Violence is on the rise.  When Black men have this kind of mentality, then you clearly can see how our young women must be taught self-esteem.  It has nothing to do with shaking your "money maker" or dancing like the next video vixen.

This man described "weave" as horsehair.  He implied that the girl in the picture did not have neat hair.  With some of the "just got out of bed and did not comb my hair- AFROs" that I have seen walking around in public, this girl's hair is neat enough.  It is not a fresh hairdo but it has a neatness about it.

The irony is that this stranger's last name was "Christian."   You got to laugh at that!


  1. I know this is an older post but this is one of the reasons I initially stopped using instagram. I got tired of seeing jokes and memes made out of the real pain and heartache other other people.

    I love you blog btw. Its very positive.