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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Braidless Sew-in Using Aluminum with Silicone Links

 "Microlinks" have been around for a decade or longer, but now, the metal beads have an optional silicone insert.  Sally's Beauty Supply only had the Fusion Aluminum links with Silicone in the Black color. The Fusion Links without the Silicone came in Brown and Blonde colors as well.

 Using the metal "microlinks" for braidless sew-in purposes allows the scalp to breathe and the wefts can lay flat.  More air to the scalp promotes growth.  Flatter wefts is easier for styling purposes.

This is a mannequin head that I am demonstrating the sew-in with the metal beads. I do suggest practicing this technique on a mannequin head about three times to get the hang of tracking and removing the beads without destroying the hair.  It looks easier than actually doing it.

You can see the silicone within the bead in the picture above.  Why is the silicone important?  Metal and chemicals together can cause damage.  So by introducing the silicone, the hair is not in direct contact with the metal bead. The silicone insert becomes a barrier.

Therefore, relaxing and coloring the hair with the metal beads in the hair is now a possibility.  At least relaxing the hairline away from the metal beads is possible without worrying about relaxer residue reacting to the metals and damaging the hair.

Also, the silicone helps to prevent slippage of the beads from off the hair.

But here is my warning to you:
1) When sliding the hair through the beads, make sure that the silicone insert stays in place before clamping the bead down.  The silicone insert can slip out, and it needs to simply be pushed back in place.

2)When opening the bead up to remove it, please take your time.  If you accidentally warp the bead, then it will not open properly, and it could trap some hair in a fine corner of the bead.  Trapped hair in such a small bead can be a nightmare.  Try warping the bead on a mannequin  head and then try to remove it.  You will get the full understanding of the dilemma that I do not want you to be faced with.

So there are some youtube video tutorials that omit some crucial steps for braidless sew-ins.  If you have taken enough extension classes, then you will figure out how to improvise.

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