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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School Hair Quiz for 2014

1) Is it okay to get your relaxer touch-up if you are having your menstrual cycle or period?
2) Should you only get your ends trimmed around relaxer touch-up time?
3)  How can you tell if a permanent haircolor is going to turn out the right color?
4) Should a salon stick with only one product line?
5) How can you save money on your next braiding service?
6) Which hair blog just reached over 500,000 pageviews? (Hint:  This question is the easy one! )

1) NO!  Don't do it! If your menstrual cycle is on, then your body's pH and hormones may cause your hair to be more resistant.  You may risk underprocessing the hair if the relaxer does not work properly. Days 1 through 3 of your menstrual cycle - definitely, skip the chemical processing. If you are on the tail end of your cycle, then it should not hinder the relaxer from properly processing.

2) If you have type 3 curl pattern or non-resistant hair, then you can trim whenever you want because you do not have to worry about a lot of shrinkage.  If your hair has 75% shrinkage and/or it is resistant, then you need to wait for the relaxer touch-up to cut when all of your hair is straight.

There are some people who get haircuts based on the moon and the Farmer's Almanac.  You will have do your own research on that cultural practice.

3) Use a popsicle stick from the craft store to stir up the color.  Watch it develop on the popsicle stick to get a ballpark idea of the final color. Permanent haircolor should not have any darkness when initially coming from out of the tube or canister.  It should only darken after mixed and has been sitting for some minutes.

4)  The last Design Essentials platform artist suggested one product line for the whole salon.  However, she also mentioned that she cocktailed some of the products together to create solutions as needed.  I do not agree with this practice.  Why assume that all hairstylists are great chemists?  If another product line has a superior conditioner or a superior styling aid, then I want the best for my clients. Most product lines have just ONE product that is their "best seller."  I like knowing the "best seller" items for every product line.  I also like having a backup plan in case a manufacturer is on back order for a product.  Many of the Black haircare companies have had a shortage on product availability for too long, and we as hairstylist are forced to find an alternative product that works.  Sometimes I return back to the original product  and sometimes I find that I want to stick with the new replacement product from a different line.

5) Try Redheart yarn!  It burns like the jumbo braid hair.  You can use it for yarn braids, havana twists, and kinky twists.  There are some youtube videos for using the Redheart yarn for twists. Typically, you need several strands of yarn at a time for thickness, but the skeins cost between $2.00 and $5.00 USD.  If you buy 7 packs of jumbo braids, then you will spend over $20.00 USD.  However, one large skein of yarn at $5.00 USD may be all your braider needs. So you save OVER $15.00 by using yarn.

 You can also put rods around this yarn and dip into hot water for curls just like the regular braiding hair.

The yarn maintains its original yarn color.  When it is heated, it does temporarily change colors, but as it cools down, the original yarn color re-appears. Walmart stores sell Redheart brand of yarn.

6) Yes, this blog just reached over 500,000 pageviews.  The blog is five years old, and I am so proud of our progress! Thank you for helping to make this milestone possible.

Hopefully, you passed this quiz! You needed to get at least 4 answers out of 6 correct! Still have questions? Then please let me know!

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