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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Advanced Gray Solution: Light Golden Chestnut

The Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution line only has five  hair colors to choose from. This line is only recommended for up to 50% gray.  If you are 100% gray/white, then the Light Golden Chestnut color covers the gray with a flaming coppery orange color which is very noticeable!

The good news is that the gray hair is covered without mixing a separate activator lotion nor developer.

The bad news is that the flaming brazzy color is NOT a good look.

The better news is that a violet conditioner such as the AG Sterling Silver conditioner will tone the flaming color down.  You will need an additional 15 minutes under medium heat upon rinsing out the Gray solution.

Clairol Recommendations for their Semi-permanent hair colors:
1) Heat is NOT recommended immediately following a relaxer.  (This tip is for all their "squeeze" bottle semi-permanent hair colors.)

2) Heat is not recommended for use with the Advanced Gray solution.

My tip:
From my own experience for those with more than 50% gray or resistant gray hair, the Advanced Gray solution can go under medium heat for 20 minutes to get coverage.   (NO heat on the same day of a relaxer)

But you need to plan for the extra 15 minutes of conditioning with the violet conditioner to tone the Light Golden Chestnut down.  You do have to rinse the processed color out first before applying the violet conditioner for toning purposes.

I have mentioned in other articles in this blog that some of the darker Advanced Gray Solution hair color can leave a "greenish - ash" color in highlighted ends.  Please see separate articles on this blog to learn more on that topic.

The Advanced Gray Solution is not a good fit for everyone all the time.  You just need to know when to use it especially when the customer does not want a demi-permanent nor permanent hair color.

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