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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10th Salon Anniversary Secrets

The local Citizens newspaper announces Applebaum Hair Salon 10th Anniversary!  

The salon has stood the test of time not because of perfection, but because of focus on progression!

The salon owner should be able to cover all the salon expenses even if every hairstylist decides to quit.  Additional staff should be a bonus not a setback.  It can be a trial and error process in selecting "human resources" for any company.

Hair Shows
I have attended International hair shows in Long Beach, California;  Orlando, Florida as well as Atlanta, Georgia.  If any hairstylist feels that they can not afford to attend a hair show or even a local product knowledge class, then they need to skip paying a bill and attend especially if they see more than a few classes or speakers that you want to hear a word from.  The knowledge that you learn will deliver a huge return on investment and get your clients buzzing about you!

I assure you if you are in a downturn, it is not going to get better doing the same old things.  Fresh new products, fresh  new techniques, and networking to achieve fresh new ideas are important for growth.  If other staff hairstylists are not bringing new flavor to the salon, then you have to go out and find some more flavor!

I only use 10% of the products that were introduced to me in cosmetology school.  So cosmetology students should know that there are a lot more product options out there!

50% of the products that I use now were not even developed ten years ago.

90% of my products have been improved within the last five years.

So the right products used at the right time can make a exponential impact on your salon business in a positive way. The wrong choices can impact your salon in a negative way.  Sometimes people are respectful and know that you are not perfect, but in this "dog eat dog" world, expect the worst and hope for the best.  Faith in a Higher Power keeps you going.

I have a Bachelor's degree and an extensive work history in Corporate America.  This formal education assists me in my professional communication skills.  Smooth talk and "bedside manners" will get you plenty of opportunity, but meeting your customer needs keeps you in business.  

Finding your Niche
Every celebrity hairstylist is not a good fit for everyone that sits in their chair.  The same principle applies to your local hairstylists, successful hairstylists have their niche.  For some, it's short and sassy hair.  For others, it's hair illusion.  For someone else, it's silky straight.  Yet, another hairstylist can specialize in just teaching fellow hairstylists.  You do not have to restrict yourself to being behind the chair.

Another niche can also be a system based salon for production.  One salon owner that I met only offers roller sets, haircolor, and relaxers.  Any other requests then you have to go somewhere else.  Of course, with the natural hair trend still going strong, I am not sure if she is still practicing hair or not.  But the point is that hairstylists have to find a signature and focus on it.  It is okay to transition into another signature as trends change.  We all have to adapt always.

Social Media
You have to get involved in some social media to stay in the game.  Instagram and Facebook are two basics.

My hair blog is over five years old and has over 500,000 pageviews, but I love to write.  If writing is not your strength, then do not start the blog.  I am not a graphic designer so my blog is plain, but it works well enough.  If I can get someone who wants to help enhance it along my journey, then that is great too!

Social media keeps your business buzzing even if you are on vacation!  It is a must in this modern day society!  

Cheers to another ten years!

10th Anniversary of Applebaum Hair Salon - Lake Norman, North Carolina!

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