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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Your Guide to Naturalista's in 2014

The Original Naturalista
The Original Naturalista goes back and forth between heat straightening and "wash and go" styling.  She may have a partial head of color highlights for style enhancement, but she does NOT color her full head.  She does not have any permanent chemicals in her hair besides the optional partial head of highlights.  She may get smoothing treatments which temporarily coats her hair for weeks at a time to control frizz.  Race and curl pattern are both irrelevant.  She will use a "curl care" product line for her "wash and go" styling.  She can be one of the original "press and curl" enthusiasts.

The Organic Naturalista
The Organic Naturalista does not use any permanent chemicals.  No haircolor. Little to no heat styling.  She typically eats an organic diet.  She only uses organic products and oils in her hair.

The Neo-Naturalista
The Neo- Naturalista is that wants her hair to have a consistent, neat natural look regardless of the weather change or climate.

  1. She may get her relaxer touch-ups on a regular basis and flat twists her hair for a controlled "twist-out" look.  
  2. She may use high-lift permanent color as a texturizer to loosen her curl pattern all over. 
  3. She may get a body wave or soft curl chemical to achieve a natural look.

The Commercially Integrated Naturalista
The commercially integrated Naturalista keeps her hair covered by integrating braids, weaves, and/or wigs. She may be an undercover "Organic Naturalista" or a "Neo Naturalista."

I am an Organic Naturalista in regards to my own locs. If I add some color highlights to my locs, then I would become an original Naturalista.

Which Naturalista are you?

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