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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Design Essentials' Class Blew Me Away

Everyone knows that I give all the manufacturers a hard time, but I give them compliments when I can.  So Design Essentials is no exception.  Although, I am not ready to try their relaxers again, but I am open to more of their non-chemical styling options.  So let's dig into highlights from this July 2014 class.

Almost Natural Blow-out
The model did not have a relaxer, but she has had various permanent color services completed on her hair. The model/stylist loves changing her hair color.  In addition, her natural curl pattern may have been closer to a Type 3c.  Every permanent color service acts like a texturizer in my opinion so that is why I call this model "almost natural."

The platform artist is using a "Denman-type" brush to blow dry or air form this model's hair.

As you can see, this model has highlift color, but no relaxer and no keratin treatment.  The blow dry service alone got it pretty straight.

The platform artist uses her ionic flat iron for final styling.  For professional platform work, artists do not want to carry a conventional stove and marcel irons. Everyone knows I am against flat irons so I will not make a big deal in this article.  If you or your clients keep your hair cut or trimmed then flat irons are fine because you are always trimming away the damage.

This particular platform artist recommends relaxing hair (texlaxing hair) to 65% to 70%, then using permanent haircolor and blow-dry with thermal styling to keep the hair under control.  This approach to hair will definitely work for some, but not for everyone.

Towel Blot
Towel Blotting before using neutralizing shampoo is highly recommended to not dilute the neutralizing shampoo's performance as well as to conserve the amount of neutralizing shampoo used.

Fine hair clients who do not like Holding spray
In a separate article on this blog, I discussed that in order for hairstylists to get repeat business, the hairstylist has to deliver hairstyling that has memory plus movement.  The proper holding spray used within the thermal service makes a huge difference, but in case you get a fine hair client who just refuses any type of holding spray, the platform artist suggest using the Design Essentials Masterpiece Setting Lotion.

New Products
They have a new conditioner in the retail size called "Deep."  They also have almost doubled their natural textures line with a Almond and Avocado Detangling Leave-in Conditioner and more.  I will do product reviews at a later date as I try these new products out.

With the mindset of Wendy Williams, I paid for my admission to this class in order to have an unbiased opinion.  Any events that media gets in for free lends itself to pressure to be exceptionally nice.  I enjoyed the class, and the content of this article honestly reflects that.

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