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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reader Appreciation: You all Inspire Me!

Some people comment directly on my articles and others email me separately.  All of your feedback is welcomed! Thank you! Please continue to email me and share your success stories!  I will try to add them here!


Hello Ms. Blocker,

The next time you are in Socal, can you post or email.  I tend to do my own hair because the last few times I tried a "hairdresser" I ended up losing my hair.

In short, I'm pretty sure the last one used super relaxer on my fine hair when I clearly requested Affirm normal (I even had a tub in the car--in case).  With the hairdresser, I had burning (they were heavy handed), breakage and split ends after she trimmed.  I left the house with hair below my shoulders and within weeks had breakage so bad that there was barely enough to braid for tracks. When I relax my own, no burning or even tingling.  A friend's mother that is a hairdresser said that she thinks they used super relaxer.  Unfortunately, she is in IL.

I have followed your blog for about a year and you really car about healthy hair.  I followed your tip about not tying my hair down at night and my edges are filling in.  So, if you are in town, I would like a consultation.  

Thank you,


 Once again, you've saved me from hair ruin. I went to a beauty supply store for Affirm relaxer. I had the owner specially order it for me. Since, Affirm is manufactured for use by salons only, the activator came is a large bottle. He apportioned me a large amount into a separate bottle, which, upon review, seemed to be too much. In attempting to make sure that I relaxed my hair in the proper method I googled Affirm relaxer and this article came up. Thanks to your measurements and marking the bottle at 1.3 ounces, I was able to eyeball roughly the same amount to mix with my relaxer, and discarded the rest. Can you imagine if I had simply poured in what the salesman gave me? I'd have had no hair left!! My hair turned out fine. 

I ended up using Affirm Sensitive Scalp. I understand that it can be drying to hair and bad for hair over all. But with that understanding I've made committed myself to using chelating shampoos, shampooing and deep conditioning weekly, and regularly moisturizing my hair. I think I've also found that relaxed hair really just thrives with roller sets. So I've broken up with my flatirons.

Thank you for the articles you write. Keep them coming.



P.S. I'm studying for the bar exam now and it was great to see you apply tort law to the salon predicament. Back to studying for me!!

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