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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LottaBody Ready to Use has new Packaging!

 Surprise!  Lottabody "Ready to use" Setting Lotion has new packaging and more oils in this newer version.

Those who still want the original formula may want to get to your local beauty supply store as soon as possible and stock up because Walmart stores only have the new version! I have not tried the new version yet, but I will update this posting when I do!  


  1. I finally got to use it! I used more product, and it delivers a slightly softer set than the original formula.

  2. I am noticing the new formula is coming in a foam pump now. Overall, consumers are not being loyal to the new Lottabody formula. They are considering other opportunities.

    1. oops, I meant they are trying other brand name settting lotions and foams.

  3. The Lottabody representatives at the 2015 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show mentioned that the Foaming Mousse had a firmer hold than the actual setting lotion.