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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Benefits of Well Manicured Locs

Photo credit: (Dutch website)

There are two main benefits of manicured locs:  
1) added strength  
2) wider acceptance.

Added Strength
Have you ever had a cashier fill your thin bag with too many items that the bag handles start to stretch and possibly break by the time you get to the car?

Most of the time, you feel it is too much trouble to go back in and get them to double bag for you; therefore you discover if you tie the bag handles together if seems to add enough strength to hold the bags together without breaking.

There is strength in numbers when things are interwined together.  The same thing applies to locs.  If you roots are too loose, then too much manipulation is stressful to individual hairs.  Twisting or Interlocking are both ways to manicure the locs and deliver the added strength.

Wider Acceptance
Manicured locs like a manicured lawn always reflect pride.

It seems that Corporate America is more accepting of locs in which frizziness and excessive new growth is not noticeable.

The interlocking method completed in 6 to 8 weeks intervals keeps your locs looking manicured longer without having to do anything to them.  However, every two to four weeks is the more ideal timeframe for re-twisting locs in order to keep them manicured looking.

I also found a great headband from the drugstore that works for holding locs as you manicure them.  I also use this headband to sleep in at night. It is perfect for medium length locs.

The headband is by Scunci.  I gather my locs up in the larger pocket area then tie the band in the front of my head. I can actually pull one loc down from the pocket at a time to tighten.
This headband is definitely multi-purpose and allows air flow to the scalp as you sleep through the night.

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