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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Response to Fitness Magazine's March 2014 Hot Hair article

 First of all this article was one of the best hair articles that I have ever read in a non-fashion magazine.  It is actually page 35 in the magazine with title "The Seven-Minute Blow-out."  The content comes from Blow dry bar hairstylist Christopher Marrero.  Article written by Molly Ritterbeck.
Step one is Choose the right tool . . . Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Professional hair dryer . . . to rough dry the hair without the concentrator nozzle in order to get the hair 80 percent dry.  Why? Because he says that "one of the biggest mistakes that women make is to use a round brush on sopping wet hair.  It's a time suck because your hair won't hold a shape when saturated with water."

So hold on- I know you "naturally overcurly" ladies already know - if you do not get control over resistant hair while it is sopping wet, then it is all over. However, hair is hair.  It makes you wonder are we ultimately damaging our ultra curly hair by using the aggressive heat straightening procedure?  Is there even a healthy blow-dry procedure for hair that is not naturally straight or naturally wavy?

Because there are probably over 40 different hair types in this world, there is no one procedure that is going to work for all hair types.  I describe the 40 different hair types in a separate article on this blog.

I only use hair dryers with twin turbo engines in my salon because Christopher is right about choosing the right blow-dry tool.  If you want a "Dominican" straight blow-out, then only a hair dryer with a twin turbo motor can produce enough heat to straighten out the kinks. There is a difference, but with that much blow drying heat and power comes greater responsiblity in how you angle the tool to avoid burning the client's scalp.

Overall, I love this article.  For the right hair types, wavy to straight, it is a perfect article.  However, just like my blog, some articles cater more toward one specific hair type versus all hair types.

We write about what we encounter in our practices.  Readers have to absorb what is right for them and let the rest pass on.

This article is just food for thought.  For some resistant, ultra-curly hair, this article may convince some people to re-consider locs for styling control instead of risking the damage of a bad blow-dry process.

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  1. I picked up the Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Primer spray, and yes, it did seem to cut my blowdry time down significantly. I also smells GREAT!