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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Preparation for Multi-dimensional Loc Coloring

 I had a dream that my whole head of locs were a light brown color and they looked great!!!  I have found when I wear lighter color wigs that the lighter color hair makes people see lighter color skin tones; yet, with my black locs, I think people focus more on my shadows or darker tones.  It is just natural for haircolor to make a statement. Youtube vlogger "tbey82" gave me the idea of multi-dimensional highlighting my locs one at time over time using clippies to identify which locs to color.  Look for the video called "added highlights to my already colored locs."  Her locs were at least three years old.  My locs are not quite at the two years old mark.

 The green clippie was too big for my locs.  They slid off.  The Clear clippies worked fine as you can see above.  I am only demonstrating how the clippies can strategically guide you in loc placement.  I am not ready to color my locs yet, but I may start with five or six at a time.  tbey82 mentioned foiling the individual locs and applying some heat to get the color working.  I wanted to post some of her loc coloring tips here.

 I purchased these Habini clear baby clips from a Korean beauty supply store for less than $2.00 USD.  Most people hate the clear clips because they do not usually match anything, but I think they will be perfect when I decide to color my locs.
A closeup on the closure for the Habini clear clips.

The Remington clips which are too large for my microlocks were purchased from Target stores for about $4.00 USD if I remember correctly.

I have not decided on coloring my locs for year 2 or wait for year 3.  Either way, I will only be highlighting while intentionally avoiding my roots.

I will keep everyone posted!

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