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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Discontinued Products: Gone but not Forgotten

"Unforgettable . . . that's what they are" in my "Nat King Cole" high pitched voice. If I could put my Applebaum logo on these discontinued products and sell them under my own umbrella, then I would.

I believe price points caused these products to be discontinued.  For example, the jar of luxury Pureology Nanoworks Shineluxe hair polish retailed for about $42 USD.  A little goes a long way.  The jar would last you six months to a year easy depending on how often a week you shampooed.  However, $42 USD for a styling aid for most people is considered a luxury indeed.

Pictured:  Pureology Nanoworks Shineluxe hair polish.  Weightless, but tamed the flyaways on dry hair as a final finish.

I am on my last jar of Pureology Nanoworks Shineluxe.  I am going to miss it.  I have a lead on another product that may deliver similar results, but nothing definite yet.

Other unforgettable products include Sebastian Cellophanes Semi-permanent color in Deep Brunette.  The gray coverage on the same day as the relaxer was absolutely phenomenal.  I still have not found any other color line that works the same way.  Even the Sebastian newer version is not as effective on gray coverage.

I am also on my last bottle of Mizani Cutting Solution as well as Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment.  The $12 USD retail price point of the Mizani Cutting Solution was a little steep for an "ethnic" line with the words "cutting" in the title, but it really did have some fantastic ingredients and was well worth the $12 USD as a leave-in conditioner.  I wonder if the parent company L'Oreal would even consider re-naming and re-packaging the formula under a "non-ethnic" product line.  I think it would sell better at that price point.

Also, the Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment is irreplaceable.  I believe that many hairstylists did not want to purchase two conditioners for a relaxer system.  So many people missed out on this "jewel" of a conditioner.  I am on my last bottle.  I use it as a part of the conditioning step for my Paul Mitchell relaxer system. I have not found a replacement yet.

I may add other products to this list if they disappear from being offered, and a replacement is no where to be found.  If anyone else finds replacements, then do not keep the "recommendations" all to yourself!

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