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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

One year 10 Months Lock-versary

As I look back at all of my pictures of my lock journey, one year definitely makes a difference!  I also remember when I was attending the Boston, MA Sisterlocks training that some of the Sisterlocks consultants shared with me that they partner with their clients.  Sometimes the client may be ready to give up on Sisterlocks, but the Sisterlocks consultant coaches the client on the long term goal of Sisterlocks.

I did not receive this coaching and support from any consultant nor Sisterlocks headquarters.  I salute all consultants that just want the best for their clients.  I ran into some money hungry hustlers and thank God for the ability to maintain my own hair when all else failed.

I am committed to my personal loc clients now and in the future.  If I do not think Sisterlocks or any other type of locking is a good fit for the client's lifestyle, then I am going to tell them.  Certain corporate settings have too much office politics in play to risk showcasing an alternative hairstyling that is in its starter stage.

As far my loc future,  I am thinking about highlighting my locs over the next year.  Stay tuned!

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