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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hair Styling: Acheiving Memory plus Movement

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Do you know the difference between a good hairdresser and a great hairstylist?

A great hairstylist learns to deliver memory as well as movement in the hair.  Many good hairdressers can deliver movement in the hair, but as soon as a "good wind" hits the style or after a long day at work, the style is shot and short-lived.

So how does a good hairdresser become a great hairstylist? 

Add a styling spray, holding spray, hairspray, spritz or finishing spray before ironing the hair.  The sprays and spritz have different hold levels.  If you want the client to have maximum movement along with maximum memory, then you should be as generous as you want with the "right" hairspray. Determining the "right" hairspray may require some trial and error.

I have found the Paul Mitchell Extra Body hairsprays allow me to deliver hair that can be combed through, but stays in the style even after the wind blows through it.  The finish is very natural and humidity resistant.

I must admit that the other hairstylists from the charity event inspired me to move to the next level of finishing my own clients' hair.  I was so impressed with the hairstyles lasting for hours and hours without dropping. However, I was unimpressed with the usage of the ionic flat irons, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Receive the message that is for you and let the rest go.

I have a feeling that the rest of this year is just going to be wonderfully blessed!  I envision a waiting list for every week.   It is hard to believe that something so simple as a "hairspray" making the style last without being stiff can be a six figure money maker.  I suppose it does make perfectly good sense that when people spend time and money then they want healthy hair and their style to last.  Well, I am excited about the remainder of 2014!  It's looking awesome!

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