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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Product Review: Naked Max Premium Foaming Solution

The new Naked by Essations Max Premium Foaming Solution (pink solution) has been working totally awesome for my fine to medium relaxed clientele.  It delivers shine, softness, and some curl memory.  The flat wraps are molding nicely.  The roller sets  have plenty of shine and body.  The instructions say use generously, and I have had no problems.

It has a sweet fragrance, and a nice slip feel to it.  So far, it is a keeper!  I have not tried it on coarser hair yet.  It is something about it's consistency that makes me think that the coarser hair will absorb too much product and possibly crystallize.  I will keep you posted.  So far, I have not seen any adverse results.

This foam is new to the Naked line, so ask your distributor about it because it is not listed in the brochures yet.

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