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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hair Bulbs: Root or Damaged Ends?

Hopefully, everyone recognizes flat iron breakage by now, but I pulled this picture from my blog archive to show how damaged ends can look like a "hair bulb."

What is a hair bulb?  Many people feel that if they pick up a strand of hair from their bathroom floor and see a hair bulb on the end, then the strand was a hair that came from the scalp's hair follicle.  They feel that the "hair bulb" signifies hair shedding which could be normal versus breakage.

Well,  some hair that is broken by the heat damage can look like there is a "hair bulb" on one end, but it really is breakage versus shedding.

Breakage can be stopped.  1) Recondition or Treat.  2) Discontinue use of whatever tool is causing the breakage.

So if you see a "bulb," then please be open to the possibility of the bulb being the results of a damaged end of the hair generated from extreme breakage.  I would suggest a salon treatment for any major hair breakage issues.

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