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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why I Didn't Attend Bronners Brothers Hair Show

Nope, I didn't attend the Mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta this past February 2014.  Why?

1)  I paid in advance for a three day ticket last October 2013 but for the professional, veteran hairstylist that I am, who does not party, I did not see three days worth of vendor attractions.  Some of the vendors that I was looking for were not even there.  So I was bittersweet, because it was a smaller show, I met many more people on a more personal networking level, but I learned my lesson not to buy a three day ticket again.  If hairstylists can not find at least $150 worth of deals, then it would be cheaper to wait for the regular distributor to come through one's salon from week to week.

2) I was swamped with clients that Saturday before the hair show, and I just did not have the energy to make the day trip.  Then I had clients scheduled for that Monday as well.

3) Officially, regarding the Holiday season 2013, most every hairstylist saw a decrease in revenue from the previous Holiday 2012 season.  If hairstylists can not get an overflow during the Holiday Season, then the overflow days may be officially over for a while.  Many women are seriously taking hairdressing back to the "crib."  You do my hair; I do yours.  We are going back to pre-Madame C. Walker days.  Less relaxer service requests. Less press and curls.  It's either natural twist-outs, braid-outs, or protective styling.

So where am I going is  . . . The whole point in going to the hair show is to bring back new products and new techniques to the salon.  However, with the down swing in salon services, the Internet educational boom, and the upswing in "DIY" attitudes,  I think all the black hairstylists are confused as to what direction to go.  Weave? Wigs? Natural hair?  or Hang on to the relaxer and roller set revenue which is continuing to decline?

I actually feel that black hairstylists are going to have to cross over into servicing mainstream hair.  Haircutting and color for all hair types should be the new focus. With that said, the need to attend a pre-dominantly Black International Hair Show is becoming outdated for veteran hairstylists.  For new hairstylists, it is still a gem!

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