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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sisterlocks-Free for a Whole Year - My Best Decision Ever!

My locks are now over a year and 7 months old however, it was about one year ago when the last certified Sisterlocks consultant retightened my hair.  One whole year of self maintaining my own locks and finger twisting. 

I keep reviewing my old pictures with my monthly check-in's and my head of locks doesn't even look like the same head of locks from a year ago.  I am so proud that I took over my own head of locks.  Otherwise, I feel that I would still be as miserable as ever with Sisterlocks.

The truth be told, there are millions of hairstylists in the world, but it is always hard finding just ONE that is right for you.  So with professional Sisterlocks technicians being so few in number, it is truly an act of the Almighty to find a Sisterlocks technician that wants to partner with you.  God forbid that technician is laid to a final resting place or you have to relocate to a city that does not have a Sisterlocks professional.  You would be absolutely screwed if you have true "Sisterlocks sized" locks in your head.  

I remember countless loc wearers telling me over and over again that they tighten and maintain their own hair.  They say that they can not be tied down to one person to rely on to get their hair done.  Well, now, I get it!

Most people want freedom to salon hop.  True "Sisterlocks sized" locks limit your freedom to salon hop.  So as I reflect back, maybe God knew what was best for me. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would NOT choose Sisterlocks for my hair because I needed to focus on volume at the root; however, I would choose small traditional locs which is overall what I was given despite my Sisterlocks initial investment.

I am scared to imagine my locs had I continued going to my local Sisterlocks practicioners in my area.  No one had any answers for me.  No one could give me any direction.  No one recommended any regimens for my unique hairtype. Everyone just took my money and tightened my hair so tight that when the last consultant tightened my hair but left it looser; I was assuming that she was less experienced, but in retrospective, that was probably one of the best things that she had done for me. Now, of course, I still would not go back to her because she went through my whole head ripping my hair buds off causing me to lose as much as a couple of inches of length from my locks.  I personally just could not win for losing with Sisterlocks.

However, on the flip side, I loved the Sisterlocks four day trainings.  I enjoyed learning more about natural hair.  I enjoyed learning troubleshooting techniques.  I enjoyed learning about the Sisterlocks' company vision.  I received all my Sisterlocks tools.  The truth be told the Sisterlocks' headquarters should probably get rid of the retightening class and just make everyone take the four day course.

As far as the future of Sisterlocks, I am not so optimistic because many hairstylists have tried to duplicate themselves, but ultimately, no matter how much training that you give other hairstylists, they will NEVER replace the original Master.  This is the same with Sisterlocks.  The brilliant select Sisterlocks consultants that are the perfect role model may never be able to fully duplicate themselves without someone falling short.

Well, I am still learning what is best for my hair.  Perhaps there is no one else better to teach me my hair maintenance routine except me.  I believe that locks are like loose natural hair - every one's natural journey will take its own unique path.  If we want nice partings, then someone else has to start the locks, but "DIY" maintenance is truly golden.


  1. I'm glad you found your groove.

  2. yes, there's something special about caring for yourself and empowering yourself!