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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Vitale Pro 3 in 1 Design Lotion

I love the Vitale Pro 3 in 1 design lotion for smoother hair.  It provides a firm hold, but not a crunchy one.  However, hair that is too underprocessed  or hair that is too porous, the design lotion will crystallize on the hair as it dries.  The crystallization is not bad, but I would be prepared with a creme moisturizer as a final step in case the client's hair does produce some lightweight flakes.

I definitely do not recommend cocktailing any leave-in conditioners nor extra serums with this design lotion.  A little of this lotion goes a long way.  You just have to gradually work the spray in and distribute.

For the roller set clients that this lotion does work for, they love the long lasting hold from setting their hair with this lotion.  It is a "ready to use" formula.  There is no mixing.  I have not tried this design lotion on dreadlocks, and I would be afraid of crystallization in the locks.  So Lock wearers should probably sit this one out.

Type 3 relaxed curl patterns seem to set the best with this lotion.

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