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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lock Styling Decision: Straight versus Curly

The extra wide headband on the left was my old "Sleep cap." It started out the same size as my new "sleep cap" on the right.  Now, that I have started using my new extra wide headband, I realize that it scrunches my locks for me and gives me extra volume.  I am soooo thrilled!  But it got me thinking about the fact that everyone does not want volume and curls.  Some people want flat, straight, flowing locks.  So this "sleep solution" is not for everyone.

I also started to realize that everyone does not need their locks tightened with a lot of tension especially if they want volume.  Also, my natural texture of my hair is a rough cuticle, and most women with my texture seem to always wear their hair curly.  Even five years from now, I do not foresee me wearing my long locks down.  So I have been randomly handlocking some of my locks while watching TV or in my downtime.  I am not worried about using a tool to tighten my locks because I want my new growth to assist in volumizing my overall look.  Curls always hide imperfections, and I am counting on those imperfections to give me volume.

So everyone has to make a personal decision on their routine.  There is no one universal answer.  We all have to work with what the good Lord gave us!

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