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Friday, March 7, 2014

Active Interchanging of Locking Methods

After interviewing enough long dreadlock wearers, I have concluded that you can switch and swap between interlocking and twisting the locks without any worries.  Those who have proper Sisterlocks sizing may find that their locks are too small to finger twist.  So true Sisterlocks are not applicable to this article.

However, for all the micro-locks and traditional lock wearers, many people are interlocking their locks if they go swimming or if they are going to participate in water activities.  Otherwise, they continue with palm rolling or finger twisting on a regular basis.  No one seems to find a problem with going back and forth based on their lifestyle.

I personally also started hand (inter)locking some of my locks because some of my locks seem to unravel at the roots quicker than others.  I think it has to do with the two different textures of hair that I have.  So the locks that need help at the roots, I will hand lock some periodically in my spare time, but continue to finger twist all of them during my designated tightening sessions.  We will see what difference that will make over the next five months.  I believe that I am more curious if it will cause an inconsistent look in the lock.  I doubt it based on all the feedback, but who knows .  . .

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