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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Regimen for Long, Relaxed, Color-treated Hair

My client has been with me through thick and thin for the last seven years.  Pictured is all of her own grown hair without any hair extensions.  Do you wonder about her secret to her length?  Well, let me tell you the deal!

1) She does wear a partial sew-in (not pictured), but her own hair is longer than the hair extensions that she wears.  She wears extensions because she want the "Beyonce" fullness and glamour.  And since part of her hair is always braided up and sewn down, it is protected and continues to gain long lengths.

2) She never, never blow dries her hair.  We always roller set, roller set, roller set.  She is used to dryer time, and she brings plenty to keep her occupied for an hour and half dryer time.

3) She is a weekly hair client because she gets permanent color every four weeks and Mild Mizani relaxers every eight weeks.  She needs someone to keep an eye on her hair for treatments and tightenings.  She has Type 3c to Type 4a curl pattern.  Her natural hair color grows in more "salt" than "pepper."  She prefers gray coverage with lighter colors avoiding black and avoiding reds.

4) She does take dietary supplements, drinks a lot of water, and tries to eat as healthy as possible.

5) She does use curling irons and pressing combs for fine tuning of her hairstyle when her relaxer touch-ups are over  five weeks old.  She does not like too much frizz.  Of course, this particular bad habit results in a few setbacks for her hair that is not braided up in the protective styling.

So was her regimen at all a surprise?

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