Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SuperBowl Sexy Microlocks

The Superbowl 2014 was a blowout this year (43 Seahawks to 8 Broncos), but I felt like a "touchdown" with my bob.

No hydration spray.  I now only use my hydration spray when I need to manipulate my microlocks into an updo. Less moisture to the roots allows my volume from my new growth to give me a thicker look.  I still have a lot of movement in my ends when I shake my head or the wind blows. I have to a laugh because everyone likes their hair to blow in the wind even with microlocks.

It has been four weeks since I last finger twisted my entire head.   I think that I will wait a few more weeks to retighten again.   I had been using the updo styling  in previous weeks to achieve more volume and thickness which I may go back to after I finger twist/retighten again, but for now, less manipulation is more.

 So far, the length of my hair is starting to feel edgy and chic.

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