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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Straight Dreadlocks: The Medusa Effect

A Black woman confessed to me that she felt that all (dread) locks hanging loose reminded her of worms or a Medusa.  She didn't like seeing scalp and a mini-afro at people's root and "worms" hanging down from it.

However, she liked locks when they are curled professionally like mine below.  They look like a regular hairstyle.  It looks full and not a lot of scalp showing.  The Black woman making the confession had a Type 3 curl pattern.  It  is always interesting to hear how people of all races view hair locks.

Depending on one's natural hair texture, wearing locks "un-curled" may never be viewed as corporate professional enough.  So again, some textures of hair will always be high maintenance whether natural, relaxed, or locked.  Just get used it!  LOL!  There will always be a corporate standard.

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