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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Vitale Pro Afterglow Post Chemical Normalizer

 The Vitale Pro Afterglow Post Chemical Normalizer is a part of the Vitale Pro High Comfort Relaxer System that I love.  I also use this Normalizer to seal in my permanent color services.  I was actually surprised when one day it globbed up on me.

 It was so thick that I could not get it to dispense from the bottle.  So I called JF Labs expecting to be blown off or a two week delay before speaking with anyone, but to my surprise, they welcomed my call, and they were concerned with my findings.  Compared to other haircare companies focused on black hair, I felt their customer service was superior and outright exceptional.   I felt proud to be using their products, and I felt confident that they wanted to offer the best products for Black hair.  They had me to return the bottle to them, and they promptly sent me a replacement.

 After testing the bottle, I am told that nothing was wrong with the product and that I needed to "shake well"  before using.  I had to search hard on the bottle to find the "Shake Well before Using" recommendation.  So my question is "why isn't the shake well comment in the actual directions?"

In the directions,  it just tells you apply this Normalizer after towel blotting and rinsing out the relaxer.  There is no "Shake well" in the directions.  Without calling them, I had no idea that it needed to be Shaken well. Who would purposely look for a "Shake Well" comment that was not in the "Directions" area?

Also, I had been using a dispenser to distribute the Normalizer.  This dispenser cap may have further caused a separation of product which was not shaken well.  Anyway, I was a little disappointed with JF Labs in their final follow-up and their packaging directions.  However, my clients and I are happy with the performance of their High Comfort Relaxer system.


  1. I gave up on this Normalizer product. Even after shaking well, the consistency of the product is entirely unstable. I wonder if the manufacturers are actually using the product when it gets to half full. Until they improve it, it is a waste of money.

  2. Three years later, this Afterglow conditioner still is a slimy mess. The neutralizing shampoo looked like it was separating from the first day I started using a new, recently purchased bottle. Of course, if a relaxer company can not get their neutralizing system perfected, I am becoming nervous about the relaxer cream itself!