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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Haircutting: Keeping Sharp Shears

 So which pair of shears would you rather for me to cut your hair with?  One shear is worth $20, and the other shear is worth $200.  Which one cuts better? Honestly, a new $20 shear may cut the same as a $200 shear.  The biggest difference is when the $20 shear starts getting dull, then you trash the $20 shears and buy another pair.  Now, when the $200 shear get dull, then you call a "Shear Smith" to get the shear sharp again.  You can probably guess that the shears with the black handles are the cheaper $20 shears.

Jack Burkhart has been my shear smith for several years.  He does a great job with the shears, and he lets  you know upfront if the shears are in need of sharpening.  If they do not need sharpening, then he does not sharpen them just to make money off of you.

He has a great personality and a warm spirit.  I trust him to take great care of my shears.  He also sells shears at different price points. 

Those who cut hair extensions often need two different pairs of shears.  One for extension hair and one for regular haircutting.  I often need both type sharpened.  If it is not in my budget to get two shears sharpened, then Jack visits the area enough that I will hold out until his next visit.  Typically, sharpening cost $25 for one shear.  Sometimes he offers a multi-pair discount.  Just remember he brings the shears back to life within his mobile workshop.  There is no shipping.  Also, it is same day service.

He does not sharpen cheap $25 shears.  If your shears are not a good quality, then he will deny service.  He wants to be fair and honest.  He services the Carolinas.  If you give him a try, then let him know that Applebaum Salon referred you.


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