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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Challenges in Retightening oversized Sisterlocks

I ran into another Sisterlock client with a head of locks similar to mine. She had some Sisterlocks that really were "too large" in size to fall into the "Sisterlocks" range.  The picture above are my Sisterlocks in the back of my head.  Compared to the Sisterlocks hook tool,  my locks pictured are almost too big for the Sisterlocks hook tool.  This is probably why in hindsight, I remember my originial consultant having to tighten some of my Sisterlocks with the Sisterlocks clip tool.  She had to have realized that my locks were oversized for the Sisterlocks hook tool; yet, neither she nor the Sisterlocks headquarters would resolve the matter without me filing a lawsuit.  Listening to others' stories similar to mine where "they didn't get what they asked for" really re-opened an old wound.

Pictured in the second picture above, is one of my locks that fall within the Sisterlocks range.  This Sisterlock compared to the Sisterlocks hook tool is reasonable for a "quick retightening."  When the locks are too big the roots literally swallow the Sisterlocks tools.

I found when tightening oversized Sisterlocks that it takes me longer to guide the Sisterlocks hook through the root of the lock and to grab the end of the oversized lock to bring it through without losing the end of the lock.

I also remember when the third Sisterlocks certified consultant retightened my back Sisterlocks with the Sisterlocks clip tool, she stated that it was hard for her to guide the clip tool through my roots.  This instance was when we really measured my back partings against the Sisterlocks parting card, and it clearly showed that my Sisterlocks were oversized.

Apparently, there are many people nationwide with the same issue - the Sisterlocks are oversized, but the technicians are still charging $400 and up.  It is frustrating to me as a Registered Sisterlocks Trainee who has to do the retightening as well as to Sisterlocks headquarters whose name has been attached to the hair service that falls out of spec.

The Sisterlocks headquarters have relocated to a different address in San Diego, and the Sisterlocks official website has a message from the founder Dr. Cornwell mentioning her continued dedication to Sisterlocks as well as the fact that she has made many mistakes.  I suspect many more changes are coming to Sisterlocks for the better.

The question regarding suing your Sisterlocks consultant for giving you oversized Sisterlocks has come up.  In my opinion, if you paid $400 or less, then it is NOT financially worth suing because it will probably cost you $200 in time, paperwork, and court fees upfront  and your maximum court award may be the original $400 that you  paid.  The technician deserves some payment unless you cut all the locks off.

So if you paid $600 for your Sisterlocks, a lawsuit may net you $100 and reimburse you $200 for the court fees, paperwork, time, etc.  So a $600 Sisterlocks service is borderline worth suing.  $100 or $200 settlement out of court would be ideal for oversized Sisterlocks.  This is just my opinion based on my own lawsuit filed.

If you paid over $600 for your Sisterlocks, then there is more room for a larger reward or refund. Settlement out of court is always preferred.  Hopefully, the Sisterlocks consultant is professional enough to resolve the matter without court involvement.

Sisterlocks headquarters is not guaranteed to be able to resolve the matter, but with upcoming Sisterlocks changes, they may be of more assistance for future cases.


  1. This post was a so interesting to me. I always wonder about the sizing of Sisterlocks on the larger side, and wanted to know how they heck they could fit the individual locks on the hook tool. It looks like they are mostly likely getting retightened done by either the clip tool or maybe (as I heard) from the nappy lock tool. It just not fair how many ladies are getting screw over by these so call consultants.

  2. You're probably right about Sisterlock tool alternatives. The third Sisterlock consultant did have a set of NappyLoc tools, but she only used the Sisterlock clip tool on me. Many locticians make their own tools as well. Unfortunately in regards to consultants, many have the capacity to do "good work" but they lose sight of customer satisfaction. All Sisterlocks consultants should be required to refresh once a year to renew their committment to the Sisterlock way of offering hair services.

  3. Pattye Anderson has a book and a metal tool that she sells as a set for interlocking larger locks at
    and the video demonstrating this tool is at

  4. I thread my micro braid locs through a plastic yarn needle and thread it through my locks in the same way they use the clip tool. I wanted sisterlocs so bad to start with, but I showed my braider the size I wanted and she braided my hair the smallest size she could, for $150, and after 8 months they look to be about the same size as yours, I'm so sorry you had to go throgh the ordeal you did, because I ame told that in the end they all look the same regardless of the method, just the sizing is different. I like that mine are slightly bigger cause I mihgt be able to try that finger twisting that you talked about. I've read your blog, and you have been an inspiration to me, even though our micro locs started off differently, I'm learning a lot from you.

    1. Hi Gale! Thank you so much for the feedback. I will look into the plastic yarn needle. Sounds like you are on to something!!!! Love it! And you are right, mature locks all eventually look alike, but the size is what most people are paying for when they buy into Sisterlocks. IF Sisterlocks professionals do not deliver Sisterlocks size then people are wasting money buying into that trademarked market.