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Friday, January 24, 2014

Natural Hair Highlight: Lupita Nyong'o

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Lupita Nyong'o is a Yale School of Drama graduate and now a SAG Award winner 2014 for her role as "Patsy" in the movie "Twelve Years a Slave."

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I wanted to highlight her because men are loving her natural hair and her natural beauty.  No wigs, No extensions, No straight hair.  I sincerely hope that she does not start experimenting with the artificial hair enhancements, because we need more Sistahs in Hollywood like her to represent the beauty of tightly coiled hair.

Don't get me wrong, if she is stunning with "a short tapered afro,"  then she undoubtedly has unlimited beauty.

I speak for all the "afro puff" ladies with a headband who occasionally get a full weave only get one compliment after the next.  Even some of my clients that come in for a blow-out from wearing their twist-outs are amazed at how their co-workers go crazy over their elongated, straight hair.

All of these ladies, ask the same question, what does society really think about them when they wear their God given hair texture?

I think society tolerates this natural hair movement that Black women are going through.

I wore my stocking cap wig last week for a change.  I wanted to have long, straight European hair.  Oh my God,  the compliments . . . "Your hair looks amazing."  "I love your hair."  "I love the new look."
One compliment after the next.

We love compliments right?  But somehow it just seems so unnerving to think that "borrowed hair" is more accepted than "one's own hair."

So Lupita, please do not "borrow" anyone else's hair any time soon!  We need to get society's eyes to see a new normal, a new beauty.  We need them to see past the hair.

Congratulations on your nominations and wins!

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  1. Lupita won an Oscar in 2014 for her work in Twelve Years a Slave! Audiences around the world were teary eyed and very happy for her. Congratulations again Lupita! On a separate note, Lupita was stunning in her small role in the movie "Non-stop" with Liam Neeson. I look forward to seeing more of her work in her very bright future.