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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lottabody Ready to Use Setting Lotion

Lotta Body Texturizing Setting lotion has been around for a long time, but I just realized that Walmart stores sell this "Ready to use" Original Formula for about $3.00 USD.    There is no mixing.  You can just pour into a spray bottle, and it is literally ready to use.

Sally Beauty Supply stores carry a concentrated formula of the Lotta Body.  It is designed to be diluted to your desired firmness or softness.  The packaging is different than this "ready to use" version.

The ingredients in the "ready to use" version includes Lanolin which is an old school ingredient that helped to reduce hair breakage.

Those who want to roller set at home yourself may like the shine and firmness of this texturizing setting lotion. I have one client that prefers this ready to use version, and I was impressed by it! I will not submit to using it for everyone because I do prefer a salon exclusive type of brand like the Vitale Pro 3 in 1 Design Lotion which is also ready to use from the bottle. However, for you DIYers who need to grab a setting lotion on the go - should try this one!

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