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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lock Talk: Thickness at Seventeen Months

(Please ignore my huge forehead. lol!)

One of my clients mentioned to me that her hair was too thick to get locks.  I did not engage in further discussion because she was not asking me.  She was telling me.  So when that happens, people are not open to discussion.  I only mention this topic because if people are judging by the thickening of my hair with my lock journey then they are sadly assuming that everyone thickens up by starting dreadlocks.  This is not true.
Actually, if people have not suffered any hair loss issues from chemicals or mechanical damage, etc - then I do not think they are going to get any thicker in density by starting locks.  Typically, if people discontinue anything that is causing damage, then their hair naturally starts to grow back where they lost it.  It is that simple.

 At seventeen (17) months, I am still growing.  The daily hydration spray seems to be making my hair grow even faster.  In the picture, above, I had finger tightened the front portion, and you can still see my little afro toward the crown area.  I had to refresh my roots at five weeks this time instead of the usual six weeks.  I also used the Jamaican Mango and Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel.  It seemed to give me a stronger hold where I could keep track of what I had twisted.  Because I am having to use my sense of feel to complete my own self tightening, well defined roots that stay twisted helps me not have to do double work.

 January 2014 (without curls) above compared to December of 2012 (with locks curled) below.

So I have come a long way in an 11 months span, and I personally can tell that as my locks get longer, I will probably just wear them straight.  The daily hydration spraying is going to prevent my sets from holding.

So if you are suffering hair loss?  Then starting dreadlocks may be an answer if you do not have permanent scalp scarring.

If you have a thick head of hair, then dreadlocks will not make it thicker, but you will have some huge, big hairstyling if you start rolling it.  So you may have less styling options, but for me, I've had 40+ years of styling options.  I was ready for micro-locks.  I can tuck my locks under a wig if I need a different look, but each one to one's own.

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