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Monday, January 20, 2014

Dreadlocks: Finger Twisting versus Interlocking

 I decided to experiment on some bulk kinky hair extensions in order to figure out the difference between the finger twisting/palm rolling method and the interlocking method for dreadlocks.

So both methods elongate the curl patterns; however, finger twisting seems to allow for the maximum amount of volume.  The interlocking method allows for versatility.  In the picture, I did not use even tension as I interlocked so it is a loose and tight interlocking pattern up and down the right sample lock.  This picture does show that depending on the locking pattern, the curl pattern can be subdued or allowed to volumize.

So when a client mentioned to me that her hair was too thick for locks, I now have learned from taking this last Sisterlocks training class, that I can use the Reverse 4 pattern to subdue volume or use the Double 3 pattern to prevent Sisterlocks from looking too stringy.

I am also thinking about having some of my locks interlocked again.  Why?  If you remember in a previous article this past month, I realized that I do have two different textures of hair on my head.  The tighter coiled texture does really well with finger twisting.  It holds great.  However, I have some locks that will not stay twisted.  A few of those locks, I started hand interlocking because of the new growth that unwinded.  I am about ready to partner with a loctician that can help me with the interlocking.  There are locticians that will twist and interlock within the same head based on whether or not the lock needs interlocking or not.  I think that I am ready for this level of advanced loctician skill.  I will keep everyone posted.


  1. I love your blog, how is the double 3 rotation done

    1. Hi Grace: I do most tightening without thinking, but I believe 9-12-3-12-9 positions give you the double 3. I would have to look it up to call it official.