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Monday, December 16, 2013

Suspicious Hair Chemicals at Rite Aid Drugstore

So today, December 16, 2013, I visited my local Rite Aid Drugstore in Cornelius, NC and decided to visit the ethnic hair product aisle.  I could not believe all the discolored packaging.  I inspected some of the boxes to look at manufacture codes, and I believe that some of this product had an expired shelf life.  Others could be spoiled from sun damage.

The surprising thing is that where these products were positioned in the drugstore,  there was NO sunlight nor opportunity for sun damage.  So I have reason to believe that either the packages came into the store "spoiled/expired" or  they were recently relocated to discontinue sun damage.  Either way, hair chemicals should not be sold if the packaging looks like these in this article.

Initially, I was thinking maybe this Rite Aid Drugstore was only neglecting the Ethnic hair products as far as keeping the products fresh for consumer purchasing so I went to the regular haircolor aisle, and I also found discolored packaging.  The fresher product in the back and the discolored packaging in the front.

Luckily, the newer packaging was behind the discolored packaging on both aisles so I really had a great opportunity to prove that it was not my eyes deceiving me.  

I have to change out posters in my salon storefront every other month because the sun discolors them.  So I know what damage the sun can do to artwork and inks within posters.  The discoloration that I saw on the shelves stuck out like a beam of light.

I have written other articles on expired products such as hair glue, styling gels, conditioners, setting lotions, etc.  Please do call the manufacturer to confirm that your hair chemical is fresh before using them at home.

Hairstylists, please stand your ground if a hair distributor is trying to push suspected old products on you.  After three years, most hair products are probably going to start losing performance. 

Everyone, please be careful of expired hair products especially if they are chemicals!

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