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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blue Ivy, Beyonce, and Hair

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Besides Rihanna's AMA Doobie hairstyle, Beyonce's Blue Ivy Carter has had a lot of talk about her fro.

Based on the natural curl patterns that both Beyonce and Jay Z both have according to my own photo evaluations,  Blue Ivy was destined to have a soft, overcurly curl pattern.  Granted, sometimes genes will skip generations, but Blue Ivy's fro looks to be a Type 3c  curl pattern which looks to be fine as far as texture is concerned.

I think that Beyonce is doing the best thing for Blue Ivy's hair . . . just let it grow and thicken and decide later whether to lock it, press it, or chemically alter it.

People have to remember Beyonce and Jay Z are trendsetters.  They lead.  The only advice they will probably listen to is from fan's comments of their music, clothes, or anything driving their net worth.

Blue Ivy's hair is not attached to any fan base at this time neither do they seem to be seeking any opinions on her hair.

Beyonce is focussed on her newly released digital album on itunes.  According to online news, Target stores may NOT carry this latest CD because it was released digitally before being released physically.  This news supposedly is not stopping Beyonce's fans from loving the new album.

Also, I want to make a note that Beyonce and Jay Z have been speculated to be a part of the Illuminati (secret society).  During Rihanna's performance at the AMA's, she did make a hand sign that people associate with the Illuminati.  Rihanna is also in Jay Z's music camp.  I believe there is something to the Illuminati theories.

Believe what you would like, but as far as Beyonce and Jay Z are concerned, I advise taking notes versus criticizing.  I think that they are definitely a family to follow.

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