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Monday, November 11, 2013

HairFinity sparks the Latest Hair Growth Mania!

In 2011, all the hype was about Hairadrenalin Potion and Viviscal tablets.  There were plenty of testimonies online and plenty of Hair Growth Competitions!

I still take some Viviscal tablets periodically when I want some extra help because my nutritition may be bad from week to week.  Viviscal tablets work for me when I do take them, but I never ordered the Hairadrenalin Potion.

Well, it's 2013 and "Hairfinity" hair vitamins are supposed to be the latest hair growth hype.  From the online picture testimonies, I see a lot of straighter hair women benefiting from the Hairfinity hair vitamins.

For those with ultra curly hair, breakage is always more of the problem than actual growth.  Most people grow their hair just fine.  That is why we have so many "hair removal" centers and haircutting salons.

Preventing breakage is the most important thing to me.  So if Hairfinity is designed to assist with preventing breakage, then that would be a great selling point for me.

The cost of 60 capsules which is a one month supply is $24.00 at  The instructions mention to take two capsules per day.

The company also has a hair care line, skin care line, and more.  I am mainly writing this article to keep everyone informed about the popular vitamin.  I personally do not plan to order them until I see more sistahs with my kinky curly hair type (4c) testifying.

But research the product for yourself, it may be exactly right for you.


  1. I personally know two ladies who use these vitamins. They have shown growth. I have hair but I surely wouldn't mind more.

  2. Thanks Shani Nicole for the feedback! I have clients taking "biotin" and other supplements that are doing very well with growth as well. I am just curious how much better does Hairfinity vitamins work than all the other "hair, skin, and nails" dietary supplements out there. I suppose everyone just has to find one they like the best. Thanks for writing!

  3. One of my clients discontinued the HairFinity dietary supplement because she felt that her hair was thinning or shedding more. On a separate note, she felt that she gained length, but she was losing thickness. She is beginning another popular vitamin soon.