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Monday, November 11, 2013

Benefits of a Digital Triple Timer

I am still trying to get the rhythm of setting all three timers using this BonJour brand.  It is designed to keep track of three different dishes that you may be cooking in the kitchen, but why limit it to kitchen use?

I will give you a second to think of all the times that a hairstylist could use a timer in the salon.  Okay.  Begin now.

How many uses did you think of for this digital triple timer?

Here's my list:

1) Deep Conditioning timer
2) Haircolor processing timer
3) Relaxer processing timer
4) Soft Curl/Body wave processing timer
5) Disinfectant timer for tool soaking or UV lighting
6) Roller set check
7) Laundry check
8) Multiple roller set and/or deep conditioning clients at one time under the dryers.

Did you think of anything else?

1 comment:

  1. This Bonjour brand keeps short circuiting. I have changed the battery, and after a couple of days, it just gets completely hung up and buttons jammed. I gave up on this little timer. I may invest in a more professional 3 slot timer in the future.