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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sebastian Cellophanes Color Reformulation

Yes, Sebastian changed their Cellophones color names as well as their ingredients, and guess what?  The new stuff NO longer performs on resistant gray hair.  My only guess is because they removed the wheat protein from the ingredients list.

The Expresso Brown version of the Sebastian Cellophanes seems to be the same color as the Deep Brunette, and the consistency of the product seemed about the same.  The actual deposit of color on gray hair on the same day as relaxer services is a HUGE difference.

I am really looking for another brand of same day  as relaxers semi-permanent color because literally, I had one of my clients ask me did I switch color lines.  Sadly and honestly, I revealed to her that Sebastian had reformulated their color line and apparently it does not deliver the same gray coverage that the old formula  (Deep Brunette) did.

What a dissappointment!  25 minutes processing and no adequate coverage.  Situations like this complicates my business.  Sebastian has officially lost a customer (me).

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  1. The new formula is thin enough to cocktail with a conditioner whereas the old formula was thicker. However, cocktailing with conditioner and adding heat to the new formula still did not give me the level of gray coverage that I was used to from the old Sebastian formula.