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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lock Extensions Introduction

 There are a probably three or four different methods to apply lock extensions.  For this lock client and for the sake of time, we chosed to use the 3 strand twist to plait "afro kinky" braiding hair to the last 1.5 inches of her existing locks.
The Beverly Johnson Afro braiding hair had a very rough texture.  I had to use Aloe Vera Moisturing Gel from the CVS Pharmacy to soften the braiding hair enough to get it braided around the client's locks.  I also used the AlterEgo Garlic Mask conditioner to soften the human hair lock extensions.  The conditioning treatment was rinsed out after 15 minutes and left the lock extensions very soft, but in tact.

This gel worked great for the lock extensions human hair, and it is affordable.

I was asked would I add lock extensions to my own microlocks.  I without a doubt would NOT add them to my my locks at my current stage.  I am over 14 months into my lock journey, and prayerfully past the baby locks stage. The human hair extensions are lighter in weight than synthetic fibers, but I am not going to spend the time nor money to enhance my styling options when the time to have considered it was from day one, but the Sisterlocks organization does not condone lock extensions.  (Sorry for the run-on sentence here.)

My question for the future is this - if a person's face does not support the baby locks phase and they work in a corporate office, is wearing a wig during the baby dreadlock phase better than lock extensions?  In my opinion, the wigs cause temporary traction thinning around the perimeter of the head where the wig is resting.  I would recommend the human hair lock extensions over the wig.  That's just my personal opinion. Of course, my yarn unit worked during the cold months.

Another blogger at also started her beautiful locks with lock extensions, but I believe a different type of hair was used to extend her locks.  Learn more from her video here:

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