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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corrective Relaxing: Activating the Underprocessed Areas

As stated in a previous blog article, if underprocessed areas or bands along the midshaft are causing extra work to keep straight, then a corrective relaxer may be needed.  By using the Luster's Scurl Texturizer Stylin' Spray, it activates the hair by moisturizing it and allowing one to see where to apply additional relaxer along the mid-shaft at the end of the touch-up service.

This Stylin' Spray also activates new growth for those who always keep their hair extremely straight.

You just spray throughout the hair and comb through.  Allow a minute for the product to expand the new growth or underprocessed areas, then prepare to relax.

Sally Beauty Supply sells this spray.  It has a lot of glycerin in it which is good.  It can be used as needed to moisturize hair especially after taking out a full sew-in.  Overall, it's a great moisturizer!


  1. Great advice! A couple of questions: should you wait for the hair to dry before applying the relaxer? And is there anything special about the ingredients of this product versus any "wet" moisturizer or leave-in conditioner?

  2. Great question Ebony! This particular moisturizer has a lot of glycerin in it, and it is affordable. I just mist the hair and comb through like a pre-protect lotion. The hair seems to absorb it just fine. It takes a minute for the hair to expand because the spray has oil and water in it. If you have another water based spray moisturizer, then it may work as well. Pure water obviously would make the hair to difficult to manage. If you find any other brands that work, then please feel free to pass on!