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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Safe Shampooing with bonded Hair extensions

So you bonded some hair extensions in your hair with hair glue, and you want to wash it without the extensions coming loose?  Yes, it can be done!

The Paul Mitchell shampoo one does well to cleanse the hair without the tracks slipping out.  I suggest gently massaging around the actual tracks to not rip your own hair.  The Paul Mitchell shampoo seems to work without loosing the glue. I suggest using leave-in conditioners instead of using a separate rinse out conditioner only because a conditioner may cause the glue to slip which would defeat the purpose of washing your head with the bonded extensions in.

I still do not recommend keeping the bonded extensions past four to 6 weeks.  Removal of the bonded glue will still be messy when the time comes.

Also, if you are using Morning Glory glue protection or any other brand of glue protection, then you should not shampoo until you are ready to remove the bonded hair extensions.

The Paul Mitchell Shampoo one wash is for those who are bonding hair extensions directly to their own hair.  Preferably a few tracks for limited style enhancement versus a full head.

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