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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Relaxer Review: Affirm Control Normal Formula

 The traditional Affirm relaxer line has a  "control Formula" that comes in Normal strength.  It was designed for those with slower application times.  My regular distributor did not stock this formula so I had to special order it from another regional distributor.  The timing guide and ingredients on the Control Formula tub was the same as the regular Affirm Normal tub.  The Avlon representative from Avlon headquarters said that this fact was not a mistake.  Yet, I still am unclear how the only packaging difference between the regular Normal and the Control Normal is that the Control label is identified on the tub. So be it,  I decided the only way to know the processing time was to experiment on a hair sample.

The hair samples came from the same source of natural hair.  There may be some permanent color in this hair sample.  I am unclear if this hair samples donation is color-treated. 

I applied the Control Normal formula to the hair sample first.  Then the regular Normal formula was applied to the second hair sample about a minute later.

 At the 10 minutes mark, I did not see much difference in the processing time.

 By the 20 minutes processing time, the two hair samples looked the same to me.

 After conditioning and neutralizing, I was pleased with the Control Formula.  I allowed it to process the longest.  It was the first applied and the last that I rinsed out for a total of 28 minutes.  The hair felt just as soft or softer than the traditional Normal strength Affirm relaxer which only processed about 23 minutes total.

Most hairstylists have a general idea of a relaxer processing time based on the hair texture of the client.  For clients, that a seven minute application and a seven minute smoothing is plenty to complete their total relaxation time within 15 minutes, then the control formula is NOT needed.

For those clients that need 15 minutes to get through the new growth for application and another 10 minutes to smooth out for a total relaxation time of 25 minutes, then the "Control" formula could be an option.

No one seemed to offer any encouraging words regarding the Control formula when inquiring at Avlon headquarters as well as my regular distributor.  I was told repeatedly that the control formula was for those with slow relaxer application speed like new hairstylists to the industry.  However, from my observation in this trial run, the control formula would be great for those clients with closely compacted new growth who are already in the normal strength Affirm relaxer which require 25 minutes processing anyway.

The control formula only comes in Normal strength so color-treated hair is still not encouraged.

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  1. I finally got to use the Control formula on a client whose scalp is ultra-sensitive to relaxers and whose hair is ultra resistant to straightening. She was thrilled! She reported not even the slightest irritation and it straightened her hair just fine. By far, the best relaxer experience ever!