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Thursday, September 26, 2013

PhenomenalhairCare Blog 4th Anniversary Update

Hey Everyone!  I have been all over the place with hair topics - I know.  Sometimes technical, Sometimes fun, Sometimes serious, Sometimes heartfelt, Sometimes strategic.

I must say that the 95% of my clients are not natural nor do they have locks.  I suppose as my microlocks get longer, then I will attract more lock clientele.  So hair extensions and relaxers and roller sets and blow dry styles represent my clientele and will probably dominate my hair topics in the future until I gain more length on my own locks.

My blog has now reached over 350,000 pageviews within the four years of its existence.  I have over 600 articles posted.  I am looking for a literary agent to possibly turn the blog into a book in the future.  Possibly within another two years when my microlocks past shoulder length.  I am also desiring to open an ultimate hair salon in the Beverly Hills, California area.

So thanks so much for your support of this blog.  I am open to guest writers for relevant articles.  So I am excited to enter into year five learning more and sharing more for all those hair enthusiasts!  (Not just Black hair, although 80% of my clientele is African American, I love all hair!)

Have a Great hair day!


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    1. Thank you Chenoe123 for confirmation that I do make a difference in the beauty industry! Love ya back!