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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Identifying Expired Bonding Glue

Upon removing the seal from a new bottle of bonding glue, I noticed the glue inside to be thick and slightly clumpy.  It was hard to spread.  It seemed to still have some adhesive ability, but the adhesive hold was not to full capacity.   You will not be able to determine the product's freshness until you open it and squeeze it out.  I suggest having extra bottles purchased at different times on hand for any hair bonding services.

Non-expired bonding glue should be more liquid and easy to spread around with the tip of the applicator.


  1. Can the glue be turn to liquad again

    1. It would probably be cheaper to buy a new glue bottle over becoming a chemist.

  2. I've been using hair glue to my hairpieces and that is why my solutions don't get over the expired time.

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